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U.S. Futsal the only affiliated Futsal Organization with U.S. Soccer Celebrate 100 years

U.S. Futsal and U.S Soccer 100 Years

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National Team Roster Named for World Cup Qualifying Print

U.S. Futsal National Team head coach Keith Tozer has named 14 players to represent the United States in the Qualifying matches for the CONCACAF Futsal Championship in San Jose, Costa Rica. The USA will face Canada in a two-game play-in series, the winner of which will qualify for a spot in the 2016 CONCACAF Futsal Championship. The series will kickoff on Wednesday, May 4 at 10 p.m. ET. Fans can follow the action on Twitter @ussoccer_ynt and @usfutsal.

Register today for the U.S. Futsal National Championships Print

April 26, 2016 – Registrations for the 31st U.S. Futsal National Championships are still being accepted. The 2016 edition will be held at the San Jose Convention Center (San Jose, CA) from July 14-17. In attrition to the National Championships, the 8th Pacific Cup will be played, and on July 14, clinics will be held for futsal coaches and referees.


For more information and to register your team, Click Here.


The deadline to register is June 8. Why delay? Sign-up today!

U.S. Futsal Names Virginia Youth Soccer Assoc. Exclusive State Association for Virgina & DC Print



January 28, 2016 -- The Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA) announced today that they have entered into a multi-year partnership with United States Futsal the governing body for Futsal in the United States. United States Futsal (USFF) has been governing the sport of Futsal in the United States since 1981.  Futsal (Five-a-Side Soccer) is "The Way the World Plays Indoor Soccer" and is the international form of indoor soccer approved by the

Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).

NSCAA and U.S. Futsal Announce Partnership Print

The National Soccer Coaches Association of America and U.S. Futsal, the only national futsal governing body affiliated directly with U.S. Soccer and U.S. Youth Soccer, have partnered to create the first-ever NSCAA Diploma for futsal. The co-branded course will be available both online and in-person starting in April 2016.

June 17 – 19, 2016 | Seattle, WA


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Futsal Referee Quiz

Daily Quiz -
FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game Quiz
  • Question 1:
    In a clear goalscoring opportunity, a player heads the ball. in this moment an opponent holds him by the shirt. The referees play the advantage and the ball goes to a team-mate who then scores a goal. What action should the referees take?
    (a)Award the goal and do not take disciplinary measures.
    (b)Disallow the goal. Caution the player for avoiding possesion of the ball while held by an opponent and restart the match with a direct free kick o penalty kick to the opposing team.
    (c)Award the goal and caution the player for unsporting behavior.
    (d)Answers a and c are correct.
  • Answers
  • Question 2:
    A player leaves the pitch with the authorization of the referees to receive treatment for a wound that is bleeding and is not substituted. A minute later, he re-enters the pitch, without the authorization of the referees, and plays a ball that has been passed to him by a team-mate. The referees ...
    (a)stop play, caution the player and order play to be restarted by means of an indirect free kick against his team from where the ball was at the moment play was stopped.
    (b)allow play to continue as he had left the pitch owing to an injury.
    (c)Caution the player and order play to be restarted by means of an indirect free kick against his team from the point where he re-entered the pitch.
    (d)Caution the player and order play to be restarted by means of a dropped ball where the ball was when play was stopped.
  • Answers

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