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Northeast Regional Champions Crowned in Wildwood, NJ Print
U.S. Futsal Regional tournaments

Wildwood, NJ – On February 17, the Wildwood Convention Center opened its doors for the opening day to the U.S. Futsal Northeast Regional Championships. U.S. Futsal and the convention center would welcome over 250 teams featuring more than 2,000 players and 8,000 spectators over the next four days. Teams represented 12 state associations and Canada, making the Northeast Regional Championships the largest futsal tournament east of the Rocky Mountains.

With the influx of teams, the standard seven tournament fields were put in place, and an eight was added for the first time as a convention center ballroom was transformed into a futsal court. Once everything was put in place by the crack U.S. Futsal staff and Convention Center workers, the games took place.

While Friday night saw the opening matches, teams filled the convention hall form sun-up until well after sundown, with the final whistle blowing after 11pm each night. As each age group completed their Sunday games, the championship games came into focus. On Monday, U.S. Futsal crowned 21 champions across 11 age groups. Congratulations to all of the winners and to all of the participants and spectators as you were all a part of making this regional championship successful.


2017 U.S. Futsal Northeast Regional Championship Finals Men’s/Boys


Men’s Open: Green Lions Futsal 2-1 AFA Forza

National 19 Men: Samba Black 7-5 Brazilian Utd 1998

National 17 Boys: FC Boston 2000 10-0 AC Milan Elite 2000

National 16 Boys: FC Boston 2001 5-0 AAF Futsal 01

National 15 Boys: Barbarians 2002 4-7 Alexandria Red 02B

National 14 Boys: AFA Fabio U14 4-3 Panna Street Elite 2003

National 13 Boys: AFA Fabio U13 0-5 Ready Rangers 2004

National 12 Boys: Continental Dortmund 2005 4-3 World Class FC 05

National 11 Boys: Malwee Futsal USA 2006 8-3 Continental Dortmund 2006

National 10 Boys: Brazuka Futsal Academy 07 2-3 DC Hyper Futsal Academy

National 9 Boys: Continental FC 08 White 2-3 Silverback FC 08 Black


2017 U.S. Futsal Northeast Regional Championship Finals Women’s/Girls


Women’s Open: NJ Copa FC Futsal Women 1-2 Sporting Maryland

National 19 Women: FC Copa Futsal Academy G98/99 Black 10-5 Sporting Maryland 98/99

National 17 Girls: Sporting Maryland FC 00 3-4 FC Copa Futsal Academy G00 Black

National 16 Girls: DCFA Cruzeiro 3-4 SJEFA 2001

National 15 Girls: SJEB Rush 02 G Academy Blue 6-3 DV Academy

National 14 Girls: FC Copa Futsal Academy G03 Black 5-3 VA United FC U14G

National 13 Girls: Sole Futsal Academy 04 4-2 DV Academy U13G

National 12 Girls: Sole Futsal Academy 05 6-1 DV Academy 05(F)

National 11 Girls: SAC Clydesdales 3-9 DV Crazy Tigers

National 10 Girls: Brazil CT Samba U10 Girls 1-5 DTS FA Force



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FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game Quiz
  • Question 1:
    When would it not be correct to suspend a match definitively?
    (a)Because the playing surface becomes unusable.
    (b)In case of external interference.
    (c)Owing to inadequate lighting.
    (d)When a team is losing deliberately.
  • Answers
  • Question 2:
    The goalkeeper takes a kick-in and the ball is in play. What happens if he touches the ball again (without using his hands) before another player has touched it?
    (a)Nothing, the referees allow play to continue.
    (b)If they can not apply the advantage, the referees stop play and award an indirect free kick to the opposing team, to be taken from the place where the infringement occurred.
    (c)The referees stop play and award a dropped ball, to be taken from where the infringement occurred.
    (d)None of the previous answers is correct.
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