Frank L. Bonardi - Chairman Print
National US Futsal Board of Directors

Bonardi2005.gifFrank L. Bonardi, Chairman of  United States Futsal (USFF).  Elected as an Athlete Representative of USFF while competing as a national player on the U.S. Futsal National Team since 1983.  Elected Vice-President in 1987, Executive Vice-President in 1991 and President in .  Frank Bonardi competed as a National Goalkeeper in the first International Futsal competitions that the Federation has been involved with since 1983.  The North American Cup (1983), Futsal Pan American Games (1984), FIFUSA Futsal World Championship (1985), and the Pacific Cup (1987).  After retiring as an active International player Mr. Bonardi has devoted a lot of his time and energy to the promotion of Futsal.  He has served as a member of the Coaches Committee of the United States Soccer Federation.