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101. Tryouts and Team Selection

  1. No athlete shall be recommended for appointment to the United States Futsal Federation Team unless he or she has passed the required medical examination.

  2. No competition shall be designated as a World Cup, Confederation or Pan American tryout except by specific authority of U.S. Soccer.

  3. Any tryouts organized directly or indirectly under authority of the USFF for the competitions as outlined in section (b) above shall be open only to athletes who are citizens of the United States at the time of selection.

  4. All athletes and officials who are members of a U.S. Futsal National Program, travelling Internationally, shall, during all ceremonies, wear or use the official uniforms and equipment issued to them by the USFF, unless special exception to the By-Law has been granted by the Chief of Mission of the United States Futsal Federation upon a showing by an athlete that the wearing or use of such uniform or equipment will be detrimental to the competitor's performance.

  5. All tryouts and team selections shall be completed at least thirty (30) days in advance of the team's departure for the scene of the Games unless special permission is obtained from the International Games Committee.

  6. A meeting of athletes and officials shall be held by the head manager of the team to:

    1. Explain to team members their relationship to the United States Futsal Federation;
    2. Outline the provisions made for their welfare and comfort;
    3. Make clear to them their obligation to the United States Futsal Federation, to the sport, and to their country;
    4. Distribute the "Competitors' Handbook;" and
    5. Obtain signatures of team personnel to releases and agreements, missing measurements for uniforms, required photographs, and comply with other conditions enumerated in the "Handbook."

  7. Once the personnel of the United States Team have been selected on the basis of tryouts, no substitutions shall be made except in accordance with selection procedures previously approved by the United States Futsal Federation Executive Board.

102. Selected Competitors

  1. Every Futsal National Team player shall be furnished a "Competitors' Handbook" containing the basic information and regulations concerning the athlete's responsibilities as a member of the team, and:

  2. Sign the Certificate of Agreement to abide by the regulations laid down in these By-Laws for the management and conduct at any Internationally competition sanctioned by U.S. Futsal.

  3. Sign the United States Futsal Medical Examination form.

  4. Upon acceptance as a member of any sanctioned international event by United States Futsal, an athlete shall:

    1. Provide the necessary personal information for the official entry blank.
    2. Provide photographs as required for passports, identification cards, and office reports.
    3. Report to the team assembly point with suitable personal gear for the trip.

  5. Upon the issue of uniform(s) or equipment to a competitor for any national or international event, the athlete shall sign the following receipt:

    "It is agreed and understood by the undersigned that the uniforms and equipment provided to me by the United States Futsal shall be returned by me if and when demanded for cause.

    I agree not to use these uniforms or to permit them to be used in any way or at any time for advertising purposes or in connection with any professional sports enterprise or event other than for those events for which the uniforms where issued."

103. Conduct of Team Personnel

  1. All members of the official delegation, and all persons to whom a special uniform has been issued to indicate their affiliation with the United States Team, shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the United States Futsal and these By-Laws. They shall conduct themselves at all times and in all places as befits worthy representatives of their country, and in conformity with the tradition of the USFF.

  2. Competitors shall be under the strict supervision of their managers and coaches. They shall maintain strict training while under the supervision of the United States Futsal Federation.

  3. Any competitor who uses unauthorized devices or equipment, or who uses drugs, stimulants, depressants, or other substances known and characterized as dope with the purpose or intent to improve performance by stimulation, or elimination of a sense of fatigue, or for any other purpose, shall be disqualified immediately upon discovery, and from further participation whether in tryouts or as a competitor in the United States Futsal Federation for life or for such shorter period of time as the United States Futsal shall determine. Action with intent to violate this By-Law, whether successful or not, shall be sufficient to disqualify the competitor.

  4. Any person subject to the jurisdiction of the United States Futsal who participates in the violation of the rule in the preceding paragraph by encouragement or consent communicated to the competitor, or by furnishing prohibited devices or substances, shall be subject to the same disqualification above set forth in respect of competitors.

  5. Any member of the official delegation who violates the customs, travel, or currency regulations of the country where the Competition is being held, or who assists a stow away in obtaining unauthorized transportation with the United States team shall be liable to immediate dismissal from the team.

  6. No member of the official delegation or other person subject to the jurisdiction of the United States Futsal shall engage in newspaper, magazine, radio or television work for remuneration during the interval between selection and return of the team, or shall appear as a guest or participant on radio or television programs for renumeration, without the permission of the Administrative Committee.

  7. Any player selected to play in an international match or in any match against foreign teams, either in or outside this country, and arranged by and under direct or indirect control of this Federation, and without good and sufficient cause refusing to comply with the request of the Executive Board for playing the match, may be adjudged by the Executive Board to have been guilty of misconduct, and any association or club who may be deemed to have encouraged or instigated such player to commit a breach of instruction or rule shall be deemed guilty of a similar offense and shall be dealt with as the Executive Board may determine.